Best Energy MLM Compensation

In the Energy MLM arena there really is one clear leader of the pack.  To even try to compare other Energy MLM Opportunities with what we have at North American Power is simply impossible. 

The Compensation Plan sets itself apart from other Energy MLM plans because there is NO Breakage.  For those unfamiliar with this I will explain why it is important.  As you build your business you are paid for developing an organization.  As the organization grows, leader’s will emerge.  With most plans, as these leaders reach a certain level in the company, you as their sponsor can be cut-off from the income produced in their specific team or leg.  Yet, you are responsible for bringing this leader or leader’s to your company.

Most Energy MLM compensation plans also require that you build horizontally in order to be promoted to the next level.  At North American Power, you only need 5 legs.  And these legs are built to TRUE INFINITY.  This is important for your business because it doesn’t leave people behind as your organization grows.  Naturally, people will stick around as they see the team growing.  With other horizontal plans, you will slow the growth and even lose people in prior legs, as your recruiting efforts now focus on building additional legs, in order to be promoted.

The Best Energy MLM goes a step further to help our 5 legs grow!

Our Team within North American Power has the only Automated Free MLM Recruiting System that levels the playing field for the average person.  It works to build our 5 legs by placing new member’s into the organization from top to bottom, left to right, all the way to True Infinity!  This promotes true team building!  You can get all the details by visiting our team site.  Check us out on as our current rank is now below 19,000 in the U.S. and the site is just a few month’s old as of this posting.  The Instant Downline  

Visit my North American Power website and give me a call.  My number is at the top of the site.  I will give you the link to join one of our Live Team Webinar’s.

I look forward to helping you.

Greg Roberts


Don’t Join an Energy MLM until you read this!

Why You Want To Work With Our Team

If you are reading this, you have been looking at energy MLM Business opportunities as a way to help your friends and family save money and in the process develop a solid residual income for you and your family.  Our Energy MLM opportunity is a great choice, it is a free to join opportunity, great residual income, no breakage in the compensation plan and the leadership is excellent too…

You could do what you have always done and go out on your own to try and build your sales organization… OR you can join the business through The Instant Downline and let our system help you to recruit your downline, automatically.

How The Instant Downline Benefits You

When you use our site and its forced matrix recruiting system, you will automatically be eligible to receive new sign ups in your business as new members join through our site! After you join you are placed into our forced matrix system, given the link to your sponsor so you can sign up in the Energy MLM opportunity and then you are also given your own link to our site to promote your business.

The Instant Downline is 100% free to use and it will build you a downline even if you never refer a single person to the site.  This MLM Recruting System is one-of-a-kind and works hand in hand with our Energy MLM compensation plan.  You only need to have 5 legs and the system builds it for you!  Naturally, the more people that hear about the system, the faster it grows for everyone.    Imagine the size of your sales organization!

By using our site to do your recruiting you now are working within a team that will actively recruit new members and you will benefit by having new members placed into your organization.  Do you get it?  You are not alone in your recruiting efforts, this site is now your centralized recruiting site for the business and you get it all for FREE!

Get Started NOW!

Ready, set, Go!…Seriously what are you waiting for?  Free business opportunity, free recruiting site which will add new reps to your business even if you are LAZY and don’t do any work… A network marketers dream!  Register as a user on this site to get started! The Instant Downline 

The Best Energy MLM is attracting Top Producers in Network Marketing!

Professional Network Marketers with well known MLM companies are not only hearing about us, but are attending our Team webinars.  Now why would Top Internet Marketers with other companies be looking to make a move to the Energy Deregulation arena?  There are approximately $850 Billion reasons why! 

With over 100 million households and million’s of commercial businesses, who all use electricity, there are Huge amounts of residual income to be made.  And these Professional Network Marketer’s are naturally looking to position themselves and their teams, with the Best Energy MLM Opportunity, in order to make massive profit’s!

These are MLM Professional’s with thousands in there downline, who are taking a serious look at us because they know we have the tool that promotes depth in organization’s.  If you Hurry, you can still get ahead of them before they start flooding their team’s into the company! 

The Instant Downline is the heart to The Best Energy MLM Opportunity today!

Once you see our live webinar and learn about our one-of-a-kind MLM Recruiting System, you will realize that you have finally found a home with the Best Energy MLM on the planet!

I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Best Energy MLM listed on Forbes Magazine Top 100!

Finding  the BEST ENERGY MLM require’s hour’s of research.  But you also need to know thing’s to look for that alot of Energy MLM Companies won’t provide upfront.   I’ve been there and it’s difficult to get the “details” without giving your contact information.  If your like me, your looking for just the facts so that you may then determine on your own, who is the Best Energy MLM in town!

Best Energy MLM – know what to look for!

The Best Energy MLM will not hide, or make it difficult to find key information.  The first thing to look for is clear, easy accessibility to a Energy MLM Companies compensation plan and the total upfront cost to join.  If the company doesn’t make it easy to get this basic information, then you should really wonder why.

The Best Energy MLM – No Cost to join, No monthly website fees

Some Energy MLM Companies are currently charging $299 – $399 just to join.  This doesn’t include monthly website fees, which can run you another $20 – $50 per month.  Most are currently limited to a handful of states in which they operate, so building your business will be restricted to certain areas until all are Deregulated in the next few years.

Though this isn’t a high price to pay to start a legitimate Energy MLM Business, it will be a  hard lesson learned for the 98% who join and never make a dime.  With a failing economy, most people simply can’t afford to invest hundreds of dollars in a new business.  So those people that do make the plunge will have a hard time recruiting other’s into their Energy MLM Business, especially when so many other’s are joining another Energy MLM Opportunity that doesn’t charge to join the company or for company websites.

The Best Energy MLM is by far North American Power, and here is why.  Voted by Forbes Magazine as one of their Top 100 Most Promising companies!  That’s huge all by itself.  But they set themselves apart in many other ways:

1.  $0 Enrollment Fee to Join.  Simply become a customer or refer a customer and your qualified to earn income.  If you don’t live in a state that is already Deregulated, you can purchase Green Energy for $19.50 per month until your state becomes deregulated.  Then just change to a North American Power customer and your at $0 cost.  By purchasing, you are immediately able to start building your business anywhere in the United States, whereas without it, you would be left pretty much on the sidelines to watch others get a big jump-start on you!  You are able to earn income just as if your state was already deregulated.

2.  Free Website:  North American Power provides every rep with a complete company website, including all the bells and whistles in your back office.  There is No Fee of any kind for this website.

3.  Compensation Plan that is second to none:  The company is proud of their compensation plan and it is clearly posted in Big Bold print on the website.  They also provide an income calculator so that you can see what your income can look like with their plan.  But what set’s us apart from other Energy MLM companies is that our compensation plan has NO Breakage!

But the Best Energy MLM Gets Even BETTER!!!  Anyone that joins our team gets our one-of-a-kind FREE MLM Recruiting System.  This is the only tool of it’s kind.  This system levels the playing field for the 98% of people who have never made a dime in Network Marketing.  And it’s so simple to use:  just sign up and watch your team grow.  Naturally it will grow even faster by sending others to the site.  Go see The Instant Downline.

Go research the other Energy MLM Companies and then visit my site at North American Power to see why Forbes put us on the Top 100!

Take a serious look at our company, compensation plan, and recruiting system to learn why we are hands down the Best Energy MLM on the planet!

Give me a call.  My number is at the top of my North American Power website.  I will give you the link to see our Team Webinar’s held M-F, 3 times a day.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Roberts